It’s here. Twitter has been toying with us, taunting us for months with sniffs of a story about increasing the 140 characters. I hold my hands up. I’ll admit I was not a happy bunny when there was talk of increasing the 140 to allow paragraphs of text. For me the entire purpose of Twitter is that it plays fast and loose with your tweets and opinions. It’s a busy metropolis of info with tweets flying in every direction in real time. Before you know it your tweet is gone out there into the big bad social media world before you can say hashtag.

It’s a little like Naples in Italy. Mental at times and takes no prisoners. But you know what? It never claimed to be anything else. Which is why I love it. ‘It’ being Twitter AND Naples of course.

I was apprehensive to say the least of any changes Twitter were suggesting to the length of tweets and threatening to replace fast paced tag lines with long winded opinions. However, I welcome Twitter’s new changes.

So what are they?

  1.  A person’s handle (username that begins with @) will no longer take up characters within a Reply.
  2. Photos/Polls/Videos won’t take up any characters now either
  3. You’ll be able to quote your own tweets. You know…just incase you want to change your opinion or share your opinion again and again and again…
  4. Finally you’ll never have to see this again: .@socialgeek_girl at the beginning of a tweet. From now on all tweets beginning with @ will be seen by all followers

All of these changes tell us some really interesting facts about how the platform is evolving. The ‘Twitterati‘ obviously want to share more media than ever before and are tired of having to have to shorten ‘fabulous‘ to ‘fab‘! Twitter is quickly turning from a text heavy platform to a visual one, competing with platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Despite these much anticipated changes, as of today stock shares are dramatically low. According to IBTimes they fell to below $14 per share. That’s a massive drop from it’s trading price of $45 back in 2013. This isn’t surprising when you consider that Facebook is only 3 years older and how much it’s evolved over the years and has now even introduced Live Video Broadcasting.

Twitter has said these new changes will be rolled out in the coming months. Knowing how ling it takes Twitter to make any changes, I’m not holding my breath. In saying that I for one hope the don’t make too many more changes.

Although a simple Edit button for Tweets would be pretty sweet.

C’mon Twitter. Facebook’s got Live Video! Can we please just Edit our Tweets??