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Improve Your Business From Home During Covid-19

Top Ten Tips on how to improve your business online from the comfort of your own home during Covid-19. So you’re stuck at home. The novelty is probably wearing off by now and you’re looking for something to do. Even if you can’t do your actual work from home you can still do things to […]

Facebook Image Sizes 2019

In this ever-changing world of Social Media it’s hard to keep up to date with the various image sizes for your business page. So here’s a quick guide to help you. Facebook Profile Image Every article I read says it should be 180px by 180px. However I always find it’s too pixelated and blurry for […]

My Top Ten Secrets to Running Facebook Competitions

Everyone and their granny knows by now that the organic reach on Facebook has drastically reduced for businesses. But what does that actually mean in muggle terms? When you post something on your Facebook page ‘organically’ i.e. without paying for adverts or boosting, the amount of people that see it is very low. If you […]

Knowing When to Switch Off

Most people look forward to leaving their office on a Friday evening knowing they won’t think much about their work again until Monday morning. My position to some may seem enviable due to the fact that I simply adore my job; I love what I do and have a passion for it but when does […]

New changes to Twitter, and still no Edit function.

It’s here. Twitter has been toying with us, taunting us for months with sniffs of a story about increasing the 140 characters. I hold my hands up. I’ll admit I was not a happy bunny when there was talk of increasing the 140 to allow paragraphs of text. For me the entire purpose of Twitter […]

5 Tips to Master Twitter for Business

Twitter is not just for tweeting pictures of your breakfast. When used correctly it can be a powerful tool to help promote your business. The only cost is your time. These 5 tips will help you promote your business easily and effectively. 1. First things first – Learn the Language! A post is a Tweet. […]

Finding Friends & Fortune Through Networking

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Chris Grosser Networking…it’s become such an overused word these days. Networking has become such a vital tool in any business. Since I started my own little empire I’ve noticed the power of networking, from making life long friends to substantial leads resulting in paying clients. With the right people your […]