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Denise Whitmore

Denise Whitmore is one of Ireland’s best known digital marketers. Listed as one of Ireland’s Top Thought Leaders by Irish Tech News, she has an Honours Degree in Information Technology and is renowned for her fresh approach to building business using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and email marketing. She is also the founder of The Irish Women in Business Network, a successful women’s network that assists women all over Ireland in achieving their business goals. Denise is invited to present discussions on Social Media at national business events as well as in the media and runs workshops on Social Media Marketing all over Ireland. Her advice, training sessions and expertise has been endorsed by some of the most prolific businesses in Ireland. Denise is also an experienced event organiser and lead Curator of the inaugural TEDxWexford held in The National Opera House. Her clients include RTÉ, WebSummit and South East Radio.

A Few Cool Things Along The Way

May 2015

Charity Biz Expo in Whites Hotel, May 2015. #CharityBixExpo Trending Number 1 in Ireland


Shortlisted for Networker of The Year.


Start of #WexfordHour every Tuesday 9pm.


Irish Women in Business Network Founded

Jul 2015

MoneyConf Social Media Team

Nov 2015

Brave Business Conference. #BraveBizConf Trending Number 1 in Ireland

Mar 2016

Meeting the Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple.


Shortlisted for Best SME of The Year.

Sep 2016

Curator of TEDxWexford

May 2017

Social Media Team Lead RTÉ’s MOJOCON

May 2017

#MoJoCon trending Worldwide